Our Philosophy

At Elite Swimming Academy we believe that every child should have the opportunity to learn how to swim from a young age


Swimming provides skills for life. Children learn not only about staying safe in the aquatic environment, but also social skills, co-ordination, confidence and living an active life.
Our dedicated teachers foster, develop and grow student’s skills through our structured aquatic education swim school program. We are dedicated to provide world-class teaching methods, ensuring that our students not only feel confident in the water, but learn valuable life skills as well. 


Our Program

Elite Swim academy has its program developed
to suit each individual’s needs. 


We focus not only on teaching swimming, but developing a lifelong skill that has multiple
health and and lifestyle benefit. 




Our Swim Schools offers Learn-To-Swim lessons for all ages and abilities, from 2.5 years to adults. Children can progress from our beginner lessons to our more advanced squad program.

Elite Swimming Academy has different categories according to each child’s skill level, which are broken into four main categories based on swimming ability, and then by age, these include: 


1. Water Intro

This level is for swimmers with little or no experience in the water. Water into classes are designed to get the child into the water with minimal trauma.


2. Learn to Swim

The learn to swim level of our program involves the journey from the first splash, to developing confidence and competence in the water.


3. Stroke Development

Throughout the third level of our swim program, we will look at the body position, leg action, arm action and breathing aspects of the four strokes.


4. Squad Development

The Squad Development Program provides opportunities for swimmers to develop stroke technique and race skills to prepare for competitions.

Our Stages

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